Occasionally, all the compartments that are my life coalesce into a pattern of connection – a pattern I hadn’t realized was developing.  Such has been the case recently, and will continue into autumn.

In the midst of the pandemic, my friend and artist Marybeth Bradbury has created a series of amazing paintings she calls “Martyrs and Legends.”  She invited me to write the descriptions of the paintings, which was a daunting, but exciting task, as I meditated and connected with the energy of each of the people she portrayed.  You can see her paintings and my descriptions here:

An encore broadcast of a webinar I was privileged to present for the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. community a while back aired recently, and is available for your viewing.  You can see it here:

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Mark your calendar for Wednesday, December 1, when I’ll offer a new webinar, “Awaken Your Spirit: Pilgrimage to Yourself” for the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. community.  Details coming soon!

In the midst of the pandemic, I’ve developed new friendships in the theatre community of which I’m a part, and that experience is an amazing gift.  I was grateful for the laughter and the tears the play we produced brought to us.

I’m excited about a new series of courses I’m creating for winter, 2022.  Some of them will be offered with my visual artists friends, so watch for details.

I’m still podcasting and writing and reading and walking on the beach.  And I am still beyond grateful for life, and for my connection to you.

Blessed be,