I’m so honored!  Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment has invited me to present my webinar “The Healing Power of Spiritual Gardening!”  It runs LIVE on Wednesday, March 3, 8:00-9:15 pm eastern time, and is available ON DEMAND thereafter!

Here’s the link for registration and details:


Edgar Cayce is considered by many to be the father of holistic medicine and one of the most documented psychics of the twentieth century.  His 14,306 readings are cataloged and housed in the library on the grounds of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the organization he founded in Virginia Beach, Virginia and which carries on his mission today.

While this webinar is similar to the E-course available on my website, there are additional materials offered, particularly regarding Cayce’s perspectives on our connection to Mother Earth and the plant kingdom.

Our connection with the plant kingdom can lead us to connections with the Devic realm – the world of elves and fairies and sprites and more. We can work with the elements, the four directions, the mineral kingdom, the phases of the moon and more to deepen our connection to Mother Earth. We truly are all related in a deep sense of the word, and it is that connection that helps us heal ourselves and our planet.

Cayce said: “Don’t be afraid to acknowledge that you see fairies as ye study, for you will nurture these experiences. Don’t be afraid to say that you see the gnomes which would hinder peoples at times.”   Edgar Cayce reading 5359-1

I am wildly excited to be included in this small way in the work of the A.R.E., and hope you’ll join me in this webinar as we celebrate the coming of spring and anticipate our connection to Mother Earth and all beings!

Again, registration and information:

Blessed be,