“And learn to winter-appreciate before winter comes” was the last line of a poem a friend wrote some years ago.  I’m doing just that as the Wheel spins once again today.

It’s a day of commitment for me.  A day of committing to being fully present as I watch shrimp boats plying their way to harbor this afternoon through the ocean.  A day of watching sunlight dance through the maritime forest.

A day of planning new courses for my winter offerings.  A day of working on a backlog of services.  A day of writing and editing works I have in progress.

A day of gratitude for this day.  A day of planning for the future.

I will be offering both my beginner and  intermediate Tarot courses in January.  I also will be offering a course on the meaning of the Holy Grail and how it can impact your life.  As I work on plans for the winter, I would appreciate your feedback.  What would you like to learn?  As you know, I teach a wide variety of subjects, but am always open to new ideas.

Blessings to you,

Photo and text copyright Deb Bowen 2017.  All rights reserved.