I’m offering TWO exciting courses beginning September 11 and 12!  Don’t miss them!  (And TWO more later in the month!)

The three-session Tarot intensive gives you a depth of information that will start you on your journey to unlocking the mysteries of the ancient divination tool.  I’ve been reading and teaching Tarot since 1983 and love sharing the history and meaning of the cards with you! Click on “Services” and “Interactive Courses” for details.



The one-session Chakra course is offered because many of my podcast listeners asked me to create it. You’ll learn the importance of working with your Chakra system, your aura and your etheric body.  Click on “Services” and “Interactive Courses” for details.

Both courses are taught in a telephone conference format, offering you the opportunity to engage with me and your classmates!

Hurry!  Registration is limited!