MedicineCardsEvery Harry Potter fan knows that Harry’s patronus is a Stag.  One’s patronus provides protection against evil forces such as Dementors, and carries messages of warnings (such as Kingsley’s lynx warning revelers at Charlie’s wedding of impending attack).

You, too, have a patronus.  We call them Spirit Animal Guides, and they function much in the same way in our Muggle world.  Unlike in Harry’s world, however, you may have more than one, and they come and go as they are needed.  Our Animal Guides offer protection and warning, comfort, guidance and solace in times of fear or confusion.

For many years, Hawk has been my messenger guide, giving me direction when I have had important choices to make.  Bear comes to me when I need protection from negative people, and Whale reminds me I am a keeper of the sacred records in my work as a psychic.  Skunk reminds me to set boundaries!

Who is your Spirit Animal Guide?  How can you be sure?  What is the gift you receive every day from your guides?  I’d be honored to do an Animal Guide reading for you to help you discover the answers to these questions and more!  Just click on “Medicine Card Reading” on the STORE page!