Purple FlowersCreate the beautiful garden you’ve always wanted! It’s easy – really! Learn how to connect with the Spirit of every plant so your garden overflows with beauty, form and function!  And get some very practical tips on organic gardening and no weeding!  Whether you have a large space or containers on a patio, the plants will work with you if you ask for their help – learn how!

Follow these easy steps to begin your Spiritual Gardening Adventure:

1. Click on the “Services” tab on the homepage, then “Courses for Download” and there it is – THE downloadable course that guides you to your gardening dreams.

ONLY $20!!  

2. When you pay with paypal, the audio is downloaded to the device from which you placed your order.

3. Email me (deb.bowen.crone@gmail.com) and I send you handouts chocked full of information and resources!

I’ve been teaching this course for years in person, and I’m delighted to make it available to YOU wherever you are!  Happy gardening!

Photo: Susan Bollinger