327I relearn every year that I have to work with the rhythms of Mother Nature.  After 75 degree weather here today, the weather folks are calling for possible snow showers on Saturday night.  It’s enough to make any gardener crazy!  My father told me there would always be a frost around the full moon near Easter, and once again, he’s right.

As I have raked and pulled plants I don’t want in certain places (I refuse to call them “weeds!”)  and dreamed of new beds, peat moss and horse manure this week, I have been aware of the spirits of the plants around me.  Every plant on Mother Earth has a Spirit, called a Deva, who nurtures the plant and helps it grow.  Deva means “Shining One” in Sanskrit.  My responsibility is to connect with the Spirit of each plant in my yard, and ask for guidance in doing the very best I can for each plant.

I leave a section of my yard in its natural state, which is where the fairies and elves are happiest.  Sometimes, early in the morning or at twilight, I catch a movement, a glimmer, and know that the fey are watching over me!

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Photo: Tara Marie-Wells Martin