The Full Flower Moon offers us an opportunity to look both within and without ourselves for answers, for comfort, and for energy and impetus to move forward toward being our authentic selves.

Full at 5:11 pm eastern time today, Saturday, May 18, 2019, in the sign of Scorpio, this Flower Moon grants us the ability to swim through the Scorpio waters of introspection, while firmly planting our feet on the Taurus land of groundedness.

In my beliefs and practices, all full moons are a time for offering gratitude for the gifts in our lives, not a time for manifesting. (We seek to manifest when the Moon is new and waxing.)  Tonight as I watch Grandmother Moon rise from the sea, the gratitude list I speak will be long.

This Flower Moon heralds a time of great transcendence, calling us to bring spirituality to the forefront of our daily lives.  This isn’t about rigidity of religious rules, but rather a time of deeply honoring all faiths, of being truly connected to All That Is.  The Flower Moon reminds us to blossom into love and respect for all beings. This Flower Moon calls us to step back from the stress of our lives, from the media, from the chaos in the world around us.  We are being called to reassess our reason for being on Earth at this moment in time, and to act as light-bearers for the planet.

The elements will be out of balance for the next few weeks, with no planets in an Air sign, only one planet in a Fire Sign, three in Water signs, and six in Earth signs. This means we must be vigilant in balancing being grounded and our feelings, and must pay particular attention to our words and communications, since we have no support from Air signs for these skills at the moment.

Always, Grandmother Moon reminds us to honor the wisdom of the ancient ones.  Now would be a good time to truly listen to your Spirit Guide, to watch for signs from your Guide. Now would be a really good time to ask to meet your Higher Self in meditation.  Now would be a really good time to offer gratitude, and connect deeply to Spirit, both within and without you. Now would be a really good time to clean your stones, then put them in the moonlight to be recharged.

Go outside tonight.  Even in the rain, through the clouds, Grandmother Moon is still there.

Breathe deeply as you look up at the sky.  Breathe in love.  Exhale gratitude. Shine your light.

Blessed be,