“Deeper Mysteries of Tarot” begins Tuesday, October 15. Registration deadline is Saturday, Oct. 12. This advanced course is open to all who have taken my Introductory Tarot courses. In this course, we delve more deeply into working with your own intuition and Tarot. We discuss using other tools, such as pendulums and crystals, to enhance your work. Ways in which you can work with Tarot other than in readings are explained, and we delve into the myths and legends surrounding Tarot. Click here to register and learn more https://debbowen.com/product/deeper-mysteries-of-tarot-february-2019/

“Tarot Mentoring Forum” begins Tuesday, November 5. Registration deadline for the first two sessions is Saturday, Nov. 2. This twice-monthly forum is open to all who have taken both my Introductory and Advanced courses. It affords you an opportunity to work more intimately with me and your classmates in honing your Tarot reading skills. Click here to register and learn more https://debbowen.com/product/new-in-february-2019-weekly-tarot-forum-with-deb/

Both Tarot offerings are taught via teleconference. All you have to do is dial a phone number to be connected to me and your classmates. These courses are available from anywhere around the globe!

I so hope you’ll continue your journey into the wonders of Tarot with me!

Bright blessings,