Today is one of my favorite days of the year! We honor the balance of light and darkness with the Equinox, and move into Autumn and into the sign of Libra. We celebrate Mabon, the harvest festival of plenty, and it’s time to gear up for new courses and events! AND – the second edition of my new newsletter goes out later this week with another free gift for you!

There’s so much to ponder and learn in my upcoming newsletter. There’s a little teaching, of course, and links to classes, workshops, and events I’m offering that you don’t want to miss, and of course, there’s a free gift for you for subscribing. Don’t miss it, so sign up here:

I’m so grateful to all of you who participated in my September courses – Kneeling at the Sacred Well, Connecting the Cosmic Dots, and Unlocking the Mysteries of Tarot Introductory Course. The magic continues in October with Deeper Mysteries of Tarot, my advanced course, and in November we begin my NEW on-going Tarot Mentoring Forum for those of you who have taken the introductory and advanced courses. You can see details under the “Interactive Courses” tab here on my homepage.

BIG news! GRANNY JEAN THE PALM READER and I will be back at Mystic Elements in Wilmington, NC on Saturday, October 26, 4 – 11 pm. Jean is 91 years old, so don’t miss the opportunity to have her read your palm. She and I have been offering readings together for almost 40 years. I’ll be offering intuitive Tarot readings. Cost is only $20 for a 15-minute reading, so for $40 you can have a reading from each of us. CASH ONLY! Come early – there’s always a line to get in to see us! You can see more details under the “Events” tab here on my homepage.

And there’s so much more that makes this season of blessings so special… I hope you’ll subscribe to my newsletter to get details!

I wish you a glorious autumn (or spring in the Southern Hemisphere), and offer up so much gratitude to you for your connection with me!
Blessed be,