By now, you probably have questions about Mary Magdalene and how she came to talk to me.

Who was (is) Mary Magdalene, really?  Whatever should make me trust a disembodied voice coming to me in meditation claiming to be her?

Mary Magdalene said she was indeed a very real woman, who was indeed a follower of Jesus.  She also told me that evidence stating she was married to Jesus, although not in a traditional way, (I’m not sure what she meant by this) is accurate.  The evidence that she bore him a daughter named Sarah also is correct.  She was indeed the holy vessel, the grail that carried the sacred bloodline of the houses of both David and Benjamin.

Pregnant when Jesus was crucified, she ran for her life, and the life of her unborn daughter, not just from the Romans and the Jewish authorities, but from Peter.  The Gospel she left us speaks of the conflict between her and Peter.  She told me that Jesus had intended that she, Peter and others carry his message forward.  Peter would not hear of sharing the responsibility of teaching Jesus’ gospel with her.

Here are her exact words to me. “Jesus had intended that both Peter and I carry his message.  Peter was to be the foundation, the support, for me as primary teacher.  This was not enough for Peter.  In those days, I often asked myself why Jesus had not foreseen Peter’s anger against me.  Now, of course, I understand why we had to leave, to travel to Egypt and then to Gaul, why Sarah was born in the blazing Egyptian sun, and why we became the Dark Goddesses, the Black Madonna, when we came to Gaul.”

She did indeed escape Jerusalem with Joseph of Arimathea to Egypt, then to Glastonbury, finally settling in Gaul, or what is now France.  During her years in Gaul she became known as the Black Madonna.  There are today statues of her around the world, although they are usually thought to represent Mary the mother of Jesus.  Mary Magdalene, not Jesus’s mother, was called Black Madonna not just because of her dark skin color, but because she was the unknown and hidden mother to Jesus’s daughter.  She continued to teach Jesus’ message until she died.

For some, the Grail quest is for the cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper.  For some it is the bones of the Magdala.  For others it is to be able to trace her lineage.  For others, the search for the Holy Grail is a search for gnosis, for knowing of oneself, which is ultimately unattainable.

None of the above information should surprise any of us who have followed this thread of the Grail legend.  It didn’t surprise me.  Instead it validated much of what I’d already read, including Mary Magdalene’s own gospel.

Here’s what did surprise me.  I asked the inevitable question:  why me?  Why come to a little pagan woman in a little town and ask her to deliver this message?  Here’s her response.

I’m not special.  There are many around the globe today who are receiving the same information from her.  (A Google search proved this to be true.)  Couched in various languages depending on the messenger, the lessons are very similar.  What does make me unique is, she said, that I can reach a certain audience that others can’t reach.  That means you who are reading this blog post.

In my next post, I’ll discuss more about Mary Magdalene’s true identity and why her message is so vital today.  More important, I’ll post her must urgent message for us all.

Mary Magdalene ended, as she has with every session, “May the light of the divine continue to dwell within you, beloved daughter.”

Blessed be,