“Those who are awakening, who understand how much their vibrations influence the world around them, are the Light Bearers that Mother Earth needs right now,” Mary Magdalene commented about the emails you are sending me about toning your water. (How to do this is explained in Lesson 6.)

There are two primary aspects of Mary Magdalene’s messages we need to focus on right now, she said.  One is water.  The other is vibration.

Here’s what she said about water:

All beings, and Mother Earth herself, are deeply connected physically, emotionally, spiritually.  We – humans – are stewards of the planet, not rulers with dominion over, but rather collaborators with, all other entities on the planet, including water.

Water.  That which, along with air, sustains life on Mother Earth.

Water.  The looming crisis.  “The time is coming, sooner than you realize, when people and countries will fight over water,” Mary Magdalene said.

That time is already here.  When Mary Magdalene said those words to me, the Water Protectors at Standing Rock Reservation were not in the public spotlight, and other water fights around the world were not in the media forefront.  Already major corporations control much of the planet’s water supplies.

“We can stop a water war,” she said, “by not hoarding, but truly sharing, water.  We must insure that all beings have access to clean water.  Your scientists are working on ways to make clean water from salt water, and by other methods.  These are helpful, but in and of themselves will cause problems in the future because ecosystems will be even more out of balance than they already are. You and others should research the environmental and political aspects of the water issue,” she said.  ”

“The separation among the political, environmental, financial and spiritual considerations regarding water are artificial, of course.  However, for our discussion, we focus on the spiritual,” she said.  “When you raise the vibrations of a small bowl of water, you raise the vibration of all water around the globe.  Just as scientists recently confirmed that trees ‘speak’ to one another around the planet, so too does all water.”

“As you drink higher-vibration water, your vibrations, of course, raise, and you truly begin to be connected to the positive energy that flows on mighty currents around the world, one of which is the flow of water.  That flow must not be stopped for any reason.”

What are we to DO, I asked her.

“Raise your vibrations such that you are living in harmony with all that is.  Live in awareness that every act impacts the world around you.  Buy consciously.  Discard consciously.  Stop killing the oceans with plastic.  You are your brother’s keeper, and the keeper of all beings on Mother Earth.  You are responsible for the next seven generations.

Mary Magdalene ended, as she has with every session, “May the light of the divine continue to dwell within you, beloved daughter.”

Blessed be,

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