“All water is connected.  All vibration is connected,” Mary Magdalene said about my last blogpost.  “This is why we ask you to create a vortex of vibration when you tone the water we taught you to drink.”

Remember the old slogan: Think globally, act locally?  It’s even more necessary today that we do so today than when we first heard it, Mary Magdalene said.

On a global level, science and spirituality are coming together in research projects and in understanding the deep meaning of connectedness.  For example, researchers from CERN recently met with a Lakota teacher to discuss – and teach children – the similarities between a scientific view and the Lakota view of how Mother Earth was created.  Emoto’s amazing research regarding the consciousness of water is being continued by others.  Large-scale meditation experiments show that “group thinking” can reduce crime.  For years now we have known the power of prayer in healing.  I have hope.

However, on a personal, individual level, we don’t always live the concept of connectedness, Mary Magdalene told me.  Julia Butterfly Hill, the amazing activist who worked to save a redwood forest and lived more than 700 days in a redwood tree named Luna, asked, “When we throw something away, where is ‘away’?”  (Julia’s work continues today, by the way.)  Just watch videos about the “plastic ocean,” and you’ll see how little most of us think about the impact we have on Mother Earth, and on each other.

And even for those of us who do constantly think about the negative impact we might have on the world around us, it is nearly impossible to live in society without causing at least some harm.  Just look at the interior of your car, for example.  Do you see how much plastic is around you?  Even local and organic products we buy are often packaged in plastic.

Mary Magdalene said each of us must do one thing different each week in working toward treating Mother Earth and all her beings with love and kindness.  She told me to remind you to tone your water every day so that your vibrations are raised.

“When our personal energy vibrates higher, we raise the vibrations of the whole planet.  When we raise all vibration, we truly live in light and in Spirit,” she said.

Mary Magdalene ended this lecture with, as she did every session, “May the light of the divine continue to dwell within you, beloved daughter.”

Note:  several readers of this blog series have asked me how they can see earlier installments.  Go to the homepage of my website: www.debbowen.com, and click on “Blogs” at the top right of the homepage.

Blessed be,