Mary Magdalene says we must be both light and water to the world.  We must radiate white light energy to every being and Mother Earth herself.  We must learn to flow like water and connect to every being and Mother Ocean herself.

Mary Magdalene recently told me that the connections we are making with you who are working with the toned water we discussed in Lesson 6, you who read these blogposts, and you who listened to my podcast about her on PsychicTeachers Podcast are just the tip of the iceberg.  I’m so grateful to each of you who has written me to share your experiences with toning water and with Mary herself.  The Light Energy she represents is spreading around the globe, and I am humbled to be a part of that shift in consciousness.

Light.  If you listen to my podcast, you know we talk about it all the time.  Mary Magdalene has been speaking to me about it too.  Light and water. They go hand in hand, she says.  Light and water connect us all – every being on Mother Earth.

We forget connection, she said.  We don’t think about the plant kingdom when we inhale the life-giving oxygen we breathe.  We just breathe, taking each breath for granted.  We don’t think about photosynthesis – light energy and water making leaves that in turn give us oxygen.

We don’t think about the oceans when we drink life-giving water.  We just drink water, taking our connection to the seas for granted.

But there’s an even deeper connection we must strive to attain, Mary Magdalene says.  We must strive to BE light, to BE water.

To BE light is to radiate loving kindness to all that surrounds us.  It is to understand, at a soul level, that there really isn’t even a “me” and a “you,” but that we are one because we are all the same light being, which is pure energy.

To BE water is to swim in the river of time and change, to trust that the flow will take us where we are meant to be, because we are water, and are already connected to all that is.

This does not mean, however, that we ignore pain and suffering and violence around us.  Quite the contrary.  It means that we become a beacon of light for those who need us.  We become a safe harbor of hope.  We say “yes” to life and we work toward harmony and balance in all we do.

Mary Magdalene’s call to action asks us to live consciously, in awareness of our responsibility to heal and nurture.  In our everyday life we must be act kindly, to be an example to others.  Let your Light shine and flow like the rivers of time, she said..

Mary Magdalene ended this lecture with, as she did every session, “May the light of the divine continue to dwell within you, beloved daughter.”

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