purple starfishMay you always know the truth,

and see the light surrounding you.”

Bob Dylan, “Forever Young”

My great-niece was born on Mother’s Day.  For months before she was born I contemplated the first words I would speak to her.  She’d been here about 30 minutes when I first held her.  I gently rubbed her brow charka and said, “Welcome, precious one.  I will do everything I can to make the transition to this world as easy as possible for you.”  Then I quoted the lyrics to Bob’s Dylan’s “Forever Young” to her. (She would have cried if I’d tried to sing!).

She is a Taurus, with both her rising sign and moon in Aquarius, and she is a “five” life-path.  It’s going to be a wild time – filled with determination, stubbornness, adventure, and a brilliant mind.  Hard traits for her parents, but wonderful traits for her in creating her own destiny!

To hold a life so fragile made me ponder, again, those questions of lives-between-lives and past lives.  What has she been doing on the other side?  In which lifetimes had we lived together before this one?  What had our relationships been in those past lives?  What life lessons has she chosen to learn this time?  Why did she choose our family?  What lessons is she here to teach us?  Why did she choose to come into this life under the sign of Taurus?  Why a “five” life path number?

Learning the answers to the above questions is very important for each of us.  Taken separately, our astrological information, numerological information, and knowledge of past lives don’t give us a complete picture.  However, when we combine this information we begin to see patterns in our lives.  These patterns teach us why we react to certain people and circumstances in a particular way, both positive and negative.  Most important, they provide us with an opportunity for change, clearing up old karma and eradicating emotions and behaviors that are not for our highest good.  In short, this knowledge assists us in fulfilling our life purpose this time around.

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Blessed be,