OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Moon is new today and Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow.  Let me clarify, very simply, what these astrological events mean for you.  Also, let me tell you why it’s wonderful that these two events are happening together.  I see facebook posts saying “Manifest at the New Moon” and “Mercury Retrograde – watch out for miscommunications and protect your electronics!”  There’s so much more, and it’s good news!

First, the New Moon isn’t about manifesting in and of itself.  It’s about setting intentions to manifest our desires.  Now is the time to plan for what you want in life.  Here are some things you need to do to set the wheels in motion.

  1. Be very clear about what you want to change in your life.  My grandma said, “Be careful what you wish for – you will get it!”
  2. State, out loud, your desire, very simply.  One sentence.  In the present tense.  The universe can’t work with you if it doesn’t hear your request.  The only time in the universe is now.  State your intent as if it is happening now.
  3. Write it down in ink on a piece of paper.  There is an amazing connection between our brain and our hand.  Put the paper somewhere you will see it every day, so that you are reminded to repeat your desire daily.
  4. Create a crystal grid, or place your piece of paper under a special stone.
  5. Create a vision board or goal book so that you have pictures of your desire.
  6. Find a song that represents your desire, and sing it, or at least listen to it daily.
  7. Most important, give thanks daily that your wish is being fulfilled!

Mercury Retrograde isn’t necessarily a “bad’ time.  It is a time for self-reflection.  During this three-week period, spend time in quiet meditation, asking yourself what thoughts, feelings and behaviors from your past no longer serve you, and release yourself from them.  Forgive others.  Forgive yourself.

So, use this Mercury Retrograde energy to examine what you need to change in your life, and use the New Moon energy to help you make those changes!

Blessed be,