I just have soooo much information and surprises I want to share with you and there just isn’t room or time in a blogpost, soooooo my new Newsletter goes out tomorrow – Thursday, August 29. It’s filled with information and spiritual insights and questions.
There’s a link where you can let me know you want the FREE MP3 chakra meditation I’ve created!
You get updated information about my course offerings for September.
AND you’ll get a preview of topics I have coming in future editions. (But I promise not to blow up your inbox too frequently!)

I so hope I included you on the mailing list! I think I got everyone who’s taken a course with me or had a reading with me, but I’m not sure. If you don’t see the newsletter in your mailbox by Friday, check your spam/junk folder and tell your mail service that it IS NOT junk so you’ll be sure to see it and the one for next month.

If you don’t see the newsletter, please email me at deb.bowen.crone@gmail.com and I’ll be sure you get it and are on the list. (If however, you do get the newsletter and, for whatever reason, decide it’s not for you, there’s a way to unsubscribe at the bottom.)

As always, your input and suggestions are welcome as I revisit the old territory of newsletter writing. Blogposts will continue here, but you’ll get different information in the newsletter, so be sure you see both!