EnergyVampiresVampires are real and surround us daily.  Oh, maybe not Dracula, but Sue, Bill, and Linda – people with whom you work, go to school, or with whom you live.  We call them Energy Vampires, who drain you of energy, happiness, and determination rather than blood.  These are the people who demand – either aggressively or passive-aggressively – your attention.  They ignore your boundaries, complain constantly, refuse to take no for an answer, blame everyone else for his/her problems and avoid or fear change.  There is a way to fight them!  More in a minute……..

You’re psychic and you know it.  You often know something is going to happen without knowing how you know.  You have a little voice in your ear that whispers to you.  You have vivid dreams that often come true.  You can’t stand large crowds – even a cocktail party sends you over the edge.  Loud noises drive you nuts.  Maybe you saw ghosts and spirits as a child, and shut the door firmly on those gifts because they frightened you, or you were told it was wrong to delve into the psychic world.  And now you’re ready to accept your gift, but you don’t know what to do with it.  More in a minute……

You’ve bought Tarot cards that were pretty, but not very detailed, so you don’t know how to use them.  Or you’ve bought other kinds of card decks, and they’re helpful to you, but you know that these are the authentic ancient, mysterious Tarot that you’ve heard about.  Seeing the true Tarot, however, you are daunted by all those symbols.  How do you ever begin to learn them, much less work with them in an ethical manner?  More in a minute…..

You hear repeatedly that the KEYS to psychic work is meditation and learning to work with your chakra system.  You tried sitting still, and your mind won’t slow down.  And what does it mean to open, close and balance your chakras? How? More in a minute……

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peace and blessings,