PastLifeDo you have a phobia you can’t explain?  Do you long to live in a particular place?  Do you have an aversion to a particular place, or a time in history?  Do you wonder why, when you meet someone, you’re immediately attracted or repelled, with no logical explanation?  Why have you always mothered your older brother?  Learning about your past lives helps you to answer these questions, and more, so that you’re able to live more fully in your present lifetime.

We carry with us from one lifetime to the next cellular memories, of which we may not be conscious, but which impact our behaviors and relationships in this lifetime.  For example, if you are drawn to live in a particular place for no logical reason, you probably lived there in a previous life.  We also travel from one lifetime to the next in what author James Redfield calls “soul groups” – people who have agreed to work together as life lesson teachers for each other over centuries.  For example, the brother you feel a need to mother may have been your son in a previous life.

I have lived through many, many lifetimes.  I know about more than 50 of them, and I can prove that one of the people I said I was in a past life actually lived.  I know why I carry certain fears in this lifetime, and knowing their origins has helped me reduce them.  I know about relationships I’ve had with most of my soul group in past lives, and am grateful to be with them once again in this lifetime!  We’re usually “common” folk in our past lives.  I’ve never seen anyone who was Cleopatra or Napoleon!

Past life experts say we chose to individuate away  from the Divine eons ago in order to learn what it is like to have human embodiment.  We lives many lives because we have many lessons to learn in this university called Earth before we are reunited with the divine.

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Blessed be,