heronSome days, I’d rather clean the bathroom than meditate.  The laundry must be done right now.  I have to make a grocery list.  On and on my excuses run….because I’m running from sitting still.

The Buddhists call our chaotic minds “monkey minds,” and I certainly have one.  While I’m very organized and methodical, I’m also eternally busy, doing my daily routine, and planning for tomorrow. My mind never seems to stop.  It takes tremendous effort for me to be in the moment, in the now.

But I’ve learned this:  to be truly present in the moment, even if just for one minute, is to renew, refresh and restore my life.  I’ve learned some simple tricks, and share them with you here:

Pay attention to your breath during your day.  Most of us don’t consciously take deep breaths.  When we breathe deeply, we lower our hearth rate, our respiration rate, and feed oxygen to brain so we can actually think.

Several times each day just breathe for one minute.  Do nothing else.  Just breathe deeply.  If thoughts crowd in, repeat “I am breathing.  I am breathing” in your mind.  In my town, sitting a traffic lights is a great place to practice this!

In the shower each morning, breathe deeply, and envision the water washing away stress and negativity.  You might try repeating an affirmation in your mind, such as “I am healed, whole and healthy.”  “I greet my day with joy.”

Try sitting still for just one minute.  It will seem an eternity.  Just breathe.  Repeat “I am breathing.”  If focusing on a candle flame, or another object helps, use them.  If closing your eyes helps, do it. If having music without words helps, listen to it.

There are many ways to meditate, and all of them acceptable.  Try guided meditation, walking meditation, drumming, chanting.

There are two meditation downloads on the “Courses for Download” section of my website.  One gives you a taste of all the techniques listed above so you can determine which one best resonates for you.  The other offers a guided meditation process for clearing your chakras.

I also offer meditation every other Tuesday, 7-8 pm at Mystic Elements.  Please join me!  I’ll be there tonight!

Blessed be,


Photo: National Park Service