ChairHere are some answers to questions I’m frequently asked about my psychic reading services.  I’m usually booked about two weeks in advance.  After you schedule a reading with me (via paypal on my Store page), I’ll email you some options of available dates and times that work with your schedule. We’ll find a date that works well for you.  Before a reading with me, there are some things we both should do in order to prepare for your reading.

I meditate and ask my guides to connect with yours so that the reading is clear and the information that comes through is for your highest good.   While I am not a medium who can communicate with your loved ones on the other side, occasionally someone (or a pet) will come through and I am able to give you validation that your loved ones are watching over you.

You should meditate (and pray) about your questions.  You should ask your Guides to connect with mine.   You are always welcome to take notes and/or record the session (never trust a psychic who won’t allow this!).

About 15 minutes before our session, I lay out my cards and meditate on the message before me.

During the session, I will ask you clarifying questions to be sure I am correctly interpreting the symbols I am given.  Generally, I am able to tell you about issues related to love, money, family relationships and career.

I am the only psychic I know who gives homework!  I believe that a reading with me is often a catalyst for positive change in your life.  I usually recommend books for you to read, meditation exercises for you to do, and affirmations for you to say that will reinforce the information I’ve been given during your reading.

I would be honored to do a reading for you.

Blessed be,