150px-RWS_Tarot_17_Star[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=Much of Tarot symbolism is connected to balance, and The Star carries through this theme. A beautiful woman is poised on the edge of a pool of water, one foot on land (the conscious) and one in water (the unconscious). She is Mother Nature pouring waters of life onto the Earth. The five rivulets from the pitcher in her left (feminine) hand represent our five physical senses before they flow into the pool of Universal Consciousness. From her right (masculine) hand, the pitcher pours water directly into the pool, which is stirred to vibration by meditation.

The sacred Ibis of divine thought rests in a tree over her head, and she is crowned by eight stars, seven of which represent the seven major chakra centers of the body. The eighth, largest, star represents cosmic energy.

This Key is all about meditation, of finding balance in our everyday life – through our five physical senses and our seven major chakra centers – to be still in the pool of the unconscious long enough to truly listen to the divine.

The Star ultimately represents the sacred gifts that are always available to us, if we would but be still and wait for them.

 Blessed be,