PastLifeIt’s interesting and fun, and sometimes scary, to learn about our past lives, but how does that information help us in THIS lifetime?  The answer is deceptively simple: by knowing who we were, where and when we lived, and understanding relationships with members of our “soul group” in former lives, we’re better able to understand our life’s purpose this time.

For example, suppose you and your mother were siblings in a previous life, and you took care of your mother because she was the younger sibling.  Perhaps you agreed to come back together in this life as mother and daughter so that she could nurture you.

Suppose in this lifetime you have an irrational fear of spiders (I don’t mean the “normal” fear most folks have) that can’t be explained by a childhood event.  A past life regression session may be able to help you understand the root of your fear.

I had a past life as a yak herder in Mongolia.  For years, I tried to understand the reason I was shown that lifetime in a regression session.  Nada.  My friend and psychic work partner Sarah Rohrman said, “Maybe knowing about the Mongolian lifetime is a reminder to you to just live in the moment, as the yak herder did.  That truth absolutely resonated for me.  Sometimes the lessons are amazingly simple, and extremely difficult to live.

If a past life regression session interests you, go to the “STORE” page and order a session with paypal or email me for more information. You are not hypnotized, but in a very relaxed state.  You’re always welcome to tape the session, and I send you a transcript.  I have done many sessions on the telephone, and they work beautifully, no matter where you are in the world.  I’d be honored to serve you.