Will Spring Ever Come?

//Will Spring Ever Come?

Will Spring Ever Come?

CoachingI don’t know about where you live, but it’s raining softly and feels chilly here.  We’ve had a couple of “teaser” spring-like days, but it doesn’t feel like spring yet!  Today’s lessons: enjoy the moment, be grateful for the rain.

I often find myself “pushing the river” as the Buddhists say, wanting tomorrow to arrive, anticipating (or dreading) the future, and failing to see the glorious moment at hand.  Just bringing this trait into consciousness helps me curb my behavior.  A deep breath reminds me to be grateful for what is, right now.

To be in the moment is to be vibrantly alive.  To be in the moment is to be one with the Universe.  To be in the moment is to trust the Divine Plan.

Blessed be,


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