In the early 1970s a coworker asked, “What do you believe?”  I started writing a document attempting to answer this question, and I’m still writing it.  As I learned and grew and changed, many of my beliefs grew and changed, while others remain steadfast to the lessons I learned as a very small child.  How did YOU come to believe what you believe today?

Wouldn’t it be joyful to share your journey with others who also have struggled to find their path?  Wouldn’t it be honoring to have someone say, “Welcome home. We’ve been waiting for you.”?  It’s time to connect with others along the path!  But hurry!!!

My “Why I Believe What I Believe: Building Your Cornerstone of Spirit” course starts next Tuesday, March 3.  All you have to do to join is call a telephone number to be connected to a conference call from wherever you are in the world.  You’ll be connected to me and to your classmates in three weekly Tuesday night sessions, 8:00 – 9:30 pm eastern time.

You’ll have an opportunity to explore how you came to your current beliefs, and receive ways in which you can continue your spiritual journey with a song in your heart and laughter in your footsteps.  Oh, and great handouts.

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Later in March, I offer “The Cauldron, the Grail and the Nine Morgens.”  As you probably know, I have been researching the symbols of the cauldron and the grail and the connection between the two for years, and have written extensively about them for myself. As I researched the cauldron, the powerful images of the nine morgens emerged, and I’ve been studying their meaning as well.  What intrigues me most, however, is how deeply these symbols have become a part of our psyche today, and the gifts that the cauldron and the grail give us in such a troubled world.  I’d love you to join me on this quest!

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AND if you register for both “Why I Believe What I Believe” and “The Cauldron, the Holly Grail and the Nine Morgens” you’ll receive a discount!

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There’s so very much to discuss and learn and share in this world of metaphysicals, and I so hope you’ll join me on this journey of exploration!

Blessed be,