Exciting news!  There are new offerings simmering for summer in the work I’m doing to connect more with you!

First, for a very long time, many have asked me to create a course that assists you in working with the Wheel of the Year and the Five Elements.  This will be an extensive “school,” taught over several months.  If you’re interested in making a commitment to such a course, please email me at deb.bowen.crone@gmail.com  I’m still working on the details, but know that the course will require:
* weekly meetings (around 8 pm EASTERN time on a week night)
* homework!
I haven’t worked out the cost yet, but will soon.  Think in terms of an investment in your spiritual journey.

Second, I’ve changed the structure on how I offer one-question email readings.  I hope this change will be helpful to you!  Check out information at https://debbowen.com/product/1-question-email-reading/

Third, Samantha Fey and I are working on adding a new feature to our PsychicTeachers podcast.  You’ve asked us for weekly meditations, and we’re working on adding them as a feature called “Meditation Mondays.”  Watch here and listen to our podcast for info about when we’ll begin!

Fourth, if you haven’t tuned in yet to my new podcast Deb & Friends Quest for Connection, please do!  Eight of us cohost this exciting new concept in podcasting.  We come from various spiritual paths and intuitive modalities and more than one country.  Listen on iTunes, BlogTalkRadio, and YouTube.  Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.  You can read more about us here on my website at https://debbowen.com/services/deb-and-friends-quest-for-connection-podcast/

And there’s more to come!