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Re-examine and Choose: How June’s Cosmic Events Affect Us

By |2020-06-20T19:15:28+00:00June 20th, 2020|Latest News|

Common threads you might want to think about run through major celestial events happening now, in June.  They can be summed up in two words: re-examine and choose. I’ve gotten emails and facebook messages asking me to make sense of all these events. I am certainly not an astrologer, but I have researched in depth, [...]

Blessing Moon Missive from Mary Magdalene

By |2019-07-17T19:04:26+00:00July 17th, 2019|Latest News|

While we are in the energy of the full Blessing Moon, I received this from Mary Magdalene, and need to share it.Beloved Daughter,We come most often to you when the Moon is full because that seems to be when you are most receptive to our messages.  We urge you to be still and silent more [...]

Check Out My Autumn Offerings!

By |2019-07-08T16:06:06+00:00July 8th, 2019|Latest News|

So many of you are already emailing me, asking my course plans for fall. I'm so excited about the upcoming season - the teacher in me loves connecting with you in my courses! So, here are my plans for my in-depth courses for September and October.Often, especially when you're new to the psychic and spiritual [...]

Five Years, Many Lessons Later from a Wren, a Goat, a Snake, a Dog

By |2019-06-24T17:50:37+00:00June 24th, 2019|Latest News|

Five years ago this week, I had one of those life-changing experiences that continues to teach me lessons. I had been blessed for many years prior to that day with amazing experiences with four-legged, winged, crawling, and swimming “people” – circled by Eagle, eye-to-eye communication with Hawk, a conversation with Fox, and more.  I’ve been [...]

What Neptune Retrograde Means For You!

By |2016-12-27T15:28:10+00:00June 12th, 2015|Latest News|

Neptune retrograde, Mercury direct – what do these astrological events – and others happening this weekend – mean for you?  Lots of wonderful shifts are occurring! For those of us who have, for some time now, been aware that the Universe is calling us to do more with our lives, to make changes that benefit [...]

Cosmic Transitions: What They Mean for You!

By |2015-04-15T21:00:49+00:00April 15th, 2015|Latest News|

Yikes!  Much is happening astrologically this week and next, and these transitions are ones you need to pay attention to!  Pluto goes retrograde, the Moon is new, and the Sun and Mercury move into Taurus.  Here's what all this means for you! Mercury moved into the sign of Taurus on April 14.  During this time, [...]

New Moon and the Dawning of Aquarius!

By |2016-12-27T15:28:13+00:00January 19th, 2015|Latest News|

According to Robert Wilkinson on his great website: "Over the next 4 weeks, the New Moon in Aquarius introduces us to a time of accepting a greater vision of how we can contribute to our world wherever we have Aquarius in our charts. Idealism, vision, and intuition is sky high, and we’re about to get [...]

My Libra Soul: To Winter Appreciate

By |2016-12-27T15:28:13+00:00October 5th, 2014|Latest News|

Libra is my Sun sign.  My Moon is in Capricorn and my Rising Sign is Leo.  Basically, this means I'm a paradox - shy and introverted, but determined and stubborn, all the while seeking balance and calmness in my life.  But aren't we all a paradox of conflicting emotions and energies?  I think so. I [...]

What Tuesday’s Blood Moon and Eclipse Mean For YOU!

By |2016-12-27T15:28:16+00:00April 13th, 2014|Latest News|

This is a very busy week astrologically: the first Full Moon (called a Blood Moon this month) after the Vernal Equinox, Pluto goes retrograde about four hours before a total lunar eclipse begins on Tuesday, April 15 at 3:42 am, and a Grand Cardinal Cross appears in the sky! The term Blood Moon is used [...]

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